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Fall Cleaning for New Fabric

As the days are getting cooler and we head back into our sewing rooms, you look around and see that maybe your stash is a little disheveled, so you might want to try a Fall Sprawl Cleansing for y’all 😉.

A poet I am not, but point being knowing how to rearrange your sewing room. A few ideas that could help are:

  1. Good time to bust up that stash into keep and giveaway piles
  2. Get some organizing bins and organize into colour, fabric collection or precut 2”, 3”, 4”, etc. squares
  3. Sort through your notions and donate duplicates scissors and needles, old threads
  4. Maybe get rid of some rulers you have never used or only used once and sort all the various other notions and put into smaller bins or containers
  5. Go through all your patterns and see if you can share with friends the ones you have already done or get a few binders and protection sleeves and sort them that way
  6. Don’t forget to take your sewing machine in for a tune up as you want it in good working condition for the Fall and Christmas projects you want to do
  7. Invest in a small planner that helps with keeping your project organized by noting the fabric collection used, the pattern and any changes you made along the way

There are lots of charities that will accept your fabric that you no longer want. Local Guilds would be happy to assist in that task. There are people out there who would love to begin a new hobby but cannot afford a sewing machine so if you have an old one laying around, please look to donate it as it sure would put a smile on someone’s face.

I hope you enjoy the new fabric collection Rustic Gathering. It just speaks Fall is here. Also, we also have a few Halloween collections available – Owl O Ween and Spellbound.

There will be lots more fabric coming in the next several weeks so we will share with you as they roll in.

Thank you to all for your trust and patronage and as always …

Keep sewing, keep stitching!

Shelley Kossio

I am the co-owner of Drunkard's Path and an avid quilter that loves to share my love for all things quilting and cross stitch.