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Thank You for Coming to the IODE Quilt Show

What a fun time we had at the IODE Petrolia Quilted Treasures Show this past weekend! We got to meet so many lovely people and had a fair few laughs as well. I want to give a big congratulations to Leigh Laur who was our winner of a full cross stitch package worth $100. I also want to thank my good friend Helen Evans, who helped us out at our booth on Friday. It was so appreciated Helen!


There were several vendors and I wanted to take the time to mention the Quilts of Valour booth. Laverne Phills was at that booth and we had a lovely time talking about Quilts of Valour as well as cross stitch. It was a pleasure to be in such good company.

To let you know of this valiant cause, the recipients of these quilts are beyond grateful and so very appreciative of the loving work that goes into each and every quilt. When I was upstairs looking at all the wonderful quilts I came across a Quilt of Valour. As I was standing there, a very friendly lady went on to tell me that was her husband’s quilt. He served years ago and was so happy to have received such a gift. He sadly passed away 6 months ago but his wife treasures this quilt as it is associated with many memories.

As fate would have it, this story continues with a very lovely twist. A few minutes later when I was back downstairs, this lady was again showing the quilt (she was one of the show’s curators) and was explaining that there was an actual quilt block from a local lady who just by chance was standing just a few feet from where they were standing. It was a rare coincidence that Judy Bain was right there listening to the ladies talking and she raised her hand when she was identified as the local lady! The woman (I do not have her name) was taken aback and they had such a lovely moment sharing this information to one another.

I, for one, am going to make one of these quilts in the near future. Contact information if anyone is interested is: or the web site is:


Drunkard’s Path does carry a variety of reds, creams and black fabrics if you are interested in making a quilt. Or, if there is a particular fabric and we can acquire it, please let us know.

Thank you to all for your trust and patronage and as always …

Keep sewing, keep stitching!

Shelley Kossio

I am the co-owner of Drunkard's Path and an avid quilter that loves to share my love for all things quilting and cross stitch.